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Viajes Lima is Peru's leading travel agency offering a complete travel solution for both leisure and business travels.

Our support and solidity provides us with a valuable experience for optimum customer service.

This means that we can provide to our passengers the services they need, when they require them and at the most appropriate price.

Inside you can find and select the best options for your trip to Peru, giving you the ability to make your online booking for tours, hotels, international flights to Peru, domestic flights into Peru, train tickets from Cuzco to Machu Picchu or Puno and bus tickets to the main tourist destinations of Peru.

The diversity of Peru’s travel destinations allow all year has adequate tourist destination in the area of history and archaeology, nature and biodiversity, adventure, relax and community tourism, for you to enjoy your visit.

To help you make the best decisions and plan your trip also offer travel guides of the main tourist destinations of Peru.

Our Travel Agents will also advise through our online chat, telephone call center or email.

After making your reservation in our system our Travel Consultants will inform you in detail about it. We will send you all travel documents and booking codes within a maximum of 72 hours after confirmation.

Visit one of our convenient locations, reserve online in or call us for more information and reservations. We are always available to you.

Payment Methods

Our system will only require payment of booking services after our Travel Consultants has sent you the confirmation codes and availability for all services required.

For the final confirmation of all services and issuance of travel documents passengers should have paid services at date and time indicated in the communication received with confirmed services.

Applications for advance bookings, with 90 days or more relative to the travel date, may be processed with partial payments.

Since some of the travel programs have components such as taxes and airport fees, airline tickets and other uncontrollable rates for us, the published rates will be reconfirmed at the time of your reservation request.


Accepted methods to receive payments:

  • Pay by check or money transfer to our bank account at Bank of America (USA)

  • Payment with Visa, MasterCard or American Express in our office located in Lima, Peru.

  • Online payments through our securely e-commerce system E-Latin Travel Inc.

  • Online payments through PayPal

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PRIVACY undertakes and agrees not to share customer information with third parties, this information is kept in the strictest confidentiality and privacy. only provides information about the reserves with passenger reservation holder.